Warhammer Escalation League

Our local group is starting a new Escalation League for Warhammer.  We’ve talked about starting at 1000 points, sometime in January.

 I think I will be running the following as a starter army (A Witchhunter inspired army, using Sister of Sigmar minis as the Warrior Priests)

1000.0 Pts – Empire Roster

General of the Empire(1#, 186.0 pts) Always Strikes Last; General; Barding; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Pistol     

  • 1 Warhorse; 
  • 1 Armor of Meteoric Iron
  • 1 Holy Relic

 Warrior Priest of Sigmar(1#, 125.0 pts)   Prayers of Sigmar; Hand Weapon

  •       1 Armour of Fortune

 Flagellants(25#, 260.0 pts) Flail; Frenzy; Unbreakable, Prophet of Doom (Count as Core due to Warrior Priest)

 Knightly Orders(12#, 352.0 pts)   Knights of the Inner Circle; Barding; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon x1;1Full Plate Armor; Full Command ;12 Warhorse

Mortar @ 75.0 pts  3 Crew (Hand Weapon)

Total Roster Cost: 998.0

If anyone is in the Wichita KS area and interested, pop off a message to us at this site –


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  1. Khorne53 says:

    Wow! This is a tough list at 1000pts. It’ll be hard to get the points out of this list!

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