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My first BTB band

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

OK, so I have to get the miniatures together, but I think I have a good solid setup for a Marauders of Chaos band. The plan is to use it in a new campaign we are starting, which is centered on gathering 9 “Books of Chaos”. They will fit that fluff (barely). And, it will help test teh campaign overall; can a non core rulebook warband overwhelm the campaign.

And, I’m pretty sure someone else will be running some shadow warriors, so that part will be there to break it as well. ūüôā

Warhammer Escalation League

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Our local group is starting a new Escalation League for Warhammer.¬† We’ve talked about starting at 1000 points, sometime in¬†January.

 I think I will be running the following as a starter army (A Witchhunter inspired army, using Sister of Sigmar minis as the Warrior Priests)

1000.0 Pts – Empire Roster

General of the Empire(1#, 186.0 pts) Always Strikes Last; General; Barding; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Pistol     

  • 1 Warhorse;¬†
  • 1 Armor of Meteoric Iron
  • 1 Holy Relic

 Warrior Priest of Sigmar(1#, 125.0 pts)   Prayers of Sigmar; Hand Weapon

  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 1 Armour of Fortune

 Flagellants(25#, 260.0 pts) Flail; Frenzy; Unbreakable, Prophet of Doom (Count as Core due to Warrior Priest)

 Knightly Orders(12#, 352.0 pts)   Knights of the Inner Circle; Barding; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon x1;1Full Plate Armor; Full Command ;12 Warhorse

Mortar @ 75.0 pts  3 Crew (Hand Weapon)

Total Roster Cost: 998.0

If anyone is in the Wichita KS area and interested, pop off a message to us at this site –